Steps for an Incomplete

Below are the steps for setting up access for students with an approved incomplete.

Step one

Make sure the students complete and submit their incomplete form.
If you are not using canvas, you are done.
If you are using canvas for assignments, discussions or exams, make sure to complete steps 2 and 3.

Step two

Once the incomplete is approved if Open a work order (IT Tech Service Request), and include the following in the form:
Title of the request: Incomplete for (Course and Term)
Name of student(s)
Term and CRN for the course
End date for incomplete access
IT will set up your shell in a way only the students with the incomplete will have access.  This shell will remain on your dashboard.
Do not add the student to a new term/CRN.  For example if the student is approved for an incomplete in the Spring, do not add them to your Fall shell.  They will be automatically removed.

Step Three

Wait to hear back from IT.  There is no need to contact the FRC, we cannot set up incomplete shells.

Once your shell is ready, you may have to set new due dates for that student in your assignments, discussions and quizzes.  You can also bulk change due dates.  If you need assistance with this part, please email