Advancing Leadership Association


The mission of the Advancing Leadership Association (ALA) is to represent our members in participatory governance and the meet and confer process with the District regarding benefits, grievance processes, contracts, and other administrative policies and procedures while creating a supportive and welcoming work culture.


The Advancing Leadership Association envisions a unified and supportive community of ethically driven managers who foster credibility and respect through management excellence and positive contributions toward SBCC’s student-centered mission and vision.


Diversity,  Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, Anti-racism: We infuse DEIAA into all college operations.

Student-Centered Approach: We foster a campus environment that supports learning and the success of our diverse student populations.

Community Engagement: We cultivate a sense of belonging, camaraderie, and connectedness among managers and our campus and local communities.

Collaboration: We actively collaborate with other managers and all employee groups to enhance District cohesiveness and outcomes.

Management Excellence: We commit to excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement in our leadership and management practices.

Professional Growth: We provide and participate in ongoing training, mentorship, and growth opportunities to build our knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Ethical and Transparent Governance: We operate with integrity, honesty, and transparency in all administrative and governance processes.

Adaptability and Resilience: We respond to change with innovative and sustainable practices, working together to overcome challenges.

Stabilization:  We embrace and uphold our role in stabilizing SBCC’s operational continuity. 

Advocacy: We clarify, elevate, and uphold our collective voice, value, and unique role in maintaining institutional effectiveness.


The Board of Trustees recognizes the Advancing Leadership Association group as the exclusive representative of those employees included in the Management Group. 

  • Classified management members are those classified administrators who are designated as management by the District and, regardless of job description, have significant responsibilities for administering District programs other than the educational programs of the District, and/or have authority to hire, transfer, suspend, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward, or discipline other employees, or having the responsibility to assign work to and direct them, adjust their grievances, or effectively recommend such action.
  • Educational Administrator members are those who exercise direct responsibility for supervising the operation of or formulating policy regarding the instructional or student services programs of the District. 
  • Executive Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents are not included within the Advancing Leadership Association group. All other Executive Directors, Directors, Deans, Controllers, Managers and select Coordinators and Supervisors, who meet the above definitions are included in the Advancing Leadership Association group. 

Current Management Group here

ALA Executive Committee Goals

  1. Represent Educational Administrators, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors in participatory governance (if executive committee members are unable to serve on a given committee, an invitation to serve will be extended to ALA members);
  2. Serve as the negotiation team for members of the Supervisors Association and Leadership Coalition represented under the Advancing Leadership Agreement; 
  3. Present proposals that have an impact on this body (e.g. recommendations for newly funded positions, new evaluation process, new programs or services, Administrator Mentorship Program, etc.); and
  4. Serve as an advisory group to the Dean’s Council and President’s Cabinet

 ALA Executive Committee Members

Executive Committee Members serve two years and are Educational Administrators, Directors, Managers, and Supervisors.  Elections occur during the spring each year on a rotating basis. The composition of the executive committee includes a total of six members:

  • (1) Dean, Liaison to Dean's Council (appointed by Dean’s Council)
  • (2-3) Certificated Administrators
  • (2-3) Classified Administrators
              FY 23-24 Classified Leadership Certificated Leadership Dean Appointee                                                          
  Year 2 Robert Brown

Christina Llerena

Julie Samson (chair)


  Year 1


Maureen McRae Goldberg

Roxane Byrne

Elizabeth Imhoff  
  Ex-Officio Jason Walker      

 ALA representatives serving on shared governance committees for the 23-24 academic year are listed on this document.


This Agreement contains the terms negotiated between the Santa Barbara Community College District and the Advancing Leadership Association concerning terms and conditions of employment for Management.

Current MOU in place, dated July 1, 2021 - June 30, 2024 

MOU dated 7/2017 - 06/2020

MOU Extension Agreement thru 06/2021

MOU Addendum, Probationary Evaluations, 2020

MOU, Juneteenth SBCC Holiday, 09/2021

The current MOU Agreement is under negotiations with the District at this time.  


ALA works closely with HR and the District in offering training opportunities to address our managers’ current needs and provide professional development. Trainings are offered on a monthly basis.  Members are encouraged to participate in training opportunities, as well as self-sourced opportunities through external organizations and resources.