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Superintendent/President Search

The Board of Trustees of the Santa Barbara Community College District has announced that the search for a new Superintendent/President is underway. 

Superintendent/President Forums

Submit Electronic Comments to the Board

  • For those attending in person at the Garvin, you will have the option to submit a handwritten comment for each Finalist. 
  • If you'd like to submit an electronic comment, use the link above. You may submit more than one comment. 
  • The electronic comment form will close at 8 p.m. (PST) on Oct 24th. 
  • Responses will go directly to the Board of Trustees. 
  • The form will not collect email addresses. All information on the form is optional.

Electronic Comment Form

Thursday, October 24th
Garvin Theatre

1 p.m. - Dr. Utpal Goswami

2 p.m. - Dr. Kenneth Lawson

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The Position


The Board is committed to conducting an equitable, inclusive, and transparent national search that will attract a strong pool of outstanding candidates. The Board is seeking an experienced and strong individual that has demonstrated success leading a complex exemplary institution and is passionate about the community college mission. The new President will actively engage with the college community to ensure the college continues to provide high quality and innovative educational experiences that result in students achieving their goals. The new President also will be a leader in the external community, work closely with the SBCC Foundation and enhance the College’s relationships and partnerships with all segments of its constituents.

 The target date for receipt of applications is September 16, 2019. The Board of Trustees is being assisted with this search by the Association of Community College Trustees. Their consultant, Dr. Pam Fisher, can be contacted for nominations or confidential inquiries at or 406.570.0516.


Job Duties/Roles

The Superintendent/President is the Chief Executive Officer of the College and reports directly to the 7-member elected Board of Trustees and is responsible for implementing the policies and directions set by the Board of Trustees. The Superintendent/President, in collaboration with other college leaders, oversees all aspects of the organization, including assessing, planning, organizing and evaluating the resources, programs and services of the College to meet the educational needs of the students and the community.

 As the educational and administrative leader of the College, the Superintendent represents the College to community groups, business and industry, nonprofit partners, labor organizations, public school districts, other higher education institutions, the Chancellor’s Office of the California Community Colleges, and governmental agencies and elected officials.


Minimum Qualifications

  • Earned master’s degree from an accredited institution
  • Significant leadership experience in an executive level position
  • Demonstrated understanding of, sensitivity to, and respect for the diverse academic, socio-economic, race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, politics, philosophy, disability and religions background of all students, faculty and staff


Preferred Qualifications

  • Earned doctorate from an accredited institution 
  • Administrative experience in progressively senior positions with major supervisory and decision-making responsibilities  
  • Demonstrated understanding of and commitment to the comprehensive Community College Mission
  • Highly skilled in fiscal management


Ideal Characteristics

    •  Committed to all components of the comprehensive community college mission
    • Supportive of innovative teaching and learning
    • Knowledgeable of strategies to achieve student equity
    • Understanding of the value of diversity, equity and inclusion
    • Supportive of professional development for all employees
    • Effective at monitoring, reporting and using data related to outcomes
    • Skilled at representing and implementing Board policies, goals and directives
    • Knowledgeable of good management operations throughout a college
    • Fiscally experienced, accountable and disciplined
    • Experienced in exemplary human resource practices
    • Understands the value of administrative and educational technology
    • Appreciates the importance of well-kept facilities and grounds
    • Comfortable in a collective bargaining environment
    • Holds administrators, faculty and staff accountable
    •  Known for good judgement
    • Forward-looking thinker
    • Creative problem-solver
    • Collaborative and firm
    • Data-informed
    • Able to make timely decisions
    •  Respectful of all internal and external community members
    • Works as a team with the Board of Trustees
    • Capable of working with and unifying people with different perspectives
    • Enjoys meeting and interacting with community members and donors
    • Adept at conflict resolution
    • Excellent communicator, including listener
    • Eager to become familiar with the college and community culture
    •  Visible, accessible and approachable
    • Engages with students and staff
    • Open and transparent
    • Ethical and fair and operates with integrity
    • Diplomatic and politically savvy
    • Compassionate, caring, and sensitive
    • Strong, courageous and resilient
    • Calm under stress
    • Able to demonstrate a sense of humor when it is most needed
    • Willing to make a personal and professional commitment to the community


Opportunities and Challenges

The successful new Superintendent/President will be a college leader who:

  • Champions high quality innovative teaching and learning that leads to Student Success and higher completion rates through such programs as Guided Pathways and implementation of AB 705;
  • Possesses expert fiscal management skills, including an understanding of the new California Student Centered Funding Formula and methods of maximizing its positive impact, and has the ability to generate new resources;
  • Identifies strategies and partnerships that help students to overcome barriers to success and closes equity achievement gaps;
  • Understands enrollment management and guides the college in the development and implementation of programs that address the diverse credit and noncredit needs of the community;
  • Assures that the college practices collegiality, participatory governance, and open and transparent decision-making that creates a positive campus climate, respects diversity of thought and values critical thinking and the free exchange of ideas benefiting all students;
  •  Ensures an inclusive and supportive environment where all persons are treated respectfully and differences are heard and expressed in civil discourse;
  • Addresses current and future facility needs to maintain a safe, functional and attractive physical environment that is a positive educational experience for students and an appropriate workplace for employees;
  • Has experience working with and developing positive relationships with a governing board and provides leadership that results in a cohesive team that works together with the Superintendent/President to achieve the mission of the College;


As well as a community leader who:

  • Works closely with the SBCC Foundation to expand its successful efforts to raise funds and work with donors and other nonprofits on behalf of the college’s programs and students;
  • Builds partnerships with the external community, including local educational institutions from Preschool through University, business and industry, nonprofits and governmental agencies that contribute to a skilled workforce and the economic development and wellbeing of the community;
  • Is visible and engaged in the community enhancing the community’s perception of the College through increased awareness, participation in and appreciation of its offerings and value;
  • Advocates passionately and effectively for the College at the local, state and national levels.